I’m obsessed with Kpop, but I don’t know what to recap next. I failed BTS *sob* because I think my recap of the movie “Burn the Stage” was really boring. And, I am impatiently waiting for the second season of “The Vow” but I have no idea when that will be released. I need to… Continue Reading →

Blackpink’s The Show

Not quite ready to leave the world of Kpop, I wrote a review of Blackpink’s livestream concert, The Show. Of course it wasn’t live when I did the recap. Plus, the pictures I included are bad quality because I had to take screen shots off of Youtube. Still a good show. Check it out.

Seduced: Ep. 1 “Hooked”

We are introduced to India Oxenberg who explains how bit by bit she got pulled into Nxivm. This series pulls no punches so we get straight into Keith’s pathology. It’s gross.

Seduced: Ep. 4 “Exposed”

The final episode. Catherine Oxenberg goes public to bring Nxivm and Keith down. Keith is so arrogant he didn’t even see her coming. India is finally freed and Keith goes on trial.


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